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Pete the Pond - Native Plants for Ponds
Pete's Plant Service

Pete the PondWe don't just build ponds we also specialize in Native and Non Native Aquatic Flora for both natural and ornamental garden ponds.

Native Plants

I have been propagating and growing plants for over a decade with my main interest being Bonzai Trees. However, since 2000 when I became Pond Warden I discovered the need for a supply of native aquatic plants for ponds and pond areas and found the best answer was to grow my own, since then I have been collecting and have built up my own stock of native species of pond plants from stock cleared from ponds.

Rushes and Sedges

Over the years I have collected from ponds that I have cleared a large stock of native Rushes and Sedges. I keep a stock of non native for ornamental garden ponds.

Non Native Plants

With plants that I cleared from ponds I was also able to produce a large stock of non native plants too, such as certain Lillies and rushes.

I now have a vast stock of native and non native plants that are listed here for sale.

Non Native plants aren't alway so obvious, as for many years we have planted our garden ponds with a variety of non native aquatic plants which is okay for your garden pond. But now these have spread to the countryside and some have taken over where our native plants should be. In general I would remove these from a natural pond area, however I do grow and keep a large stock of non native aquatic plants for ornamental garden ponds.

We hope to have our online shop here soon. In the meantime, should you wish to order or require further information call Pete or email.

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